Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get the "preview" feature with the enlarged photo and description to work on my computer?

    In order to be able to preview an enlarged photo, description and price of an item in the collection when you "hover" over the photo with your cursor, you must check the box to "Enable JavaScript" in your Internet browser's Preferences. Please note, in order to see the discounted price of items that are currently on sale, you must click on each item.

  • Why doesn't the search function find the item that I'm looking for when I know it's there?

    Our search function can find items by number or description. In some cases, items are missing full descriptions and the search function won't locate all the items even if they are available. Some inventory items are still being reposted from the old site. Please contact us directly if you can't locate an item that was recently available on the old website.

  • Why are there repeats of the same photo?

    We have many photographs containing multiple items in the collection. Now there is a photograph to represent each item in the group or item number. Only items that are still available for sale will show a location, description and price.

  • Why do some items have no description?

    We are always working to better describe items from Rita’s collection. In some cases, the original posting did not have a description.

  • Is all of Rita’s collection already posted or are you still adding items?

    We are still adding items that have not yet been displayed online, or were removed for updating. We are also adding items to the collection from the same dealers that Rita worked with many years ago. Click on the New Listings link for the most recently added items to the site. We also have removed many items while we update sections, so if you are looking for something that disappeared, it may be offline temporarily but still available.

  • Do you still carry your antique ivory items?

    In compliance with California State Law, we are no longer listing our antique ivory items on the website for sale. All our ivory is pre-ban, but we don't have documentation to prove its age. Rita always was careful to select antique ivory pieces and did not support the modern ivory trade.

  • What’s the difference between Necklace Gallery and Necklaces?

    Our Necklaces section showcases necklaces that are currently available for sale. Our Necklace Gallery section showcases some of Rita’s original design necklaces that have been sold.

  • When will you have more earrings in your Earrings section?

    We have many pairs of earrings which have never been displayed online. We are continually posting new earrings to our Earrings section.

  • Are items that are marked "silver" made from sterling silver?

    Rita's collection contains silver items which are "sterling silver" and those which are "coin silver", in which we don't know the exact silver content, but are normally in the range of 80% silver mixed with other silver alloys. Much of the Egyptian silver is coin silver. When we are certain that an item is sterling silver, we mark it as "sterling silver"; otherwise it is marked "silver" or "coin silver".

  • Where do I find current discounts on items in the collection?

    Please click on our SALE link to find out about our current discounts. Or sign up for our mailing list for immediate notification of discounts.

  • Can you still send more detailed photos in cases in which it’s difficult to see the detail of an item?

    Yes, we can send or post more detailed photos of items. When you contact us, please specify the part of the collection (i.e., Collector’s Beads) and the item number (and location in the photo, if relevant).

  • Can I email you questions about specific items?

    Yes, please feel free to email us with any questions. Best to do so via email, at

  • Will you break up a group of items for me if I only want some of the items in the group?

    Maybe. Please email us with the specifics and the item information. We'll do our best to work with you so that you can purchase only the items you want.

  • Can I put something on hold?

    We accept temporary holds (up to several days) while we are answering your questions on specific items in the collection, or while you are shopping.

  • Do you accept layaway?

    We accept layaway purchases with a 25% deposit on your selected items. Please contact us directly via the Contact Us page in order to arrange a layaway purchase. You may put through your layaway order via our Shopping Cart, and select "Payment by Check or Money Order" at Checkout. Then you may pay by your preferred method after we work out your payment schedule.

  • What is your return policy?

    We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Items purchased from the Rita Okrent Collection in sale-able condition are accepted for credit, refund or exchange within 30 days of receipt or 45 days of purchase. Please notify us with a reason for the return via the Contact Us page or via email at Also, please contact us immediately in case of damage during shipping. The Rita Okrent Collection is not responsible for loss or damage of items shipped via USPS First Class Mail International, which does not provide tracking or insurance options.

  • What if I don’t want to pay via PayPal?

    We selected PayPal as our primary payment method as it is very secure and it allows non-PayPal members to pay via credit card. You may also select payment via check or money order during Checkout. We take credit cards and debit cards over the phone and in person, via Square, as well. If you wish pay by credit card or debit card, but not via PayPal, please select the option to pay by check at Checkout and then contact us to pay by credit/debit card. For your own safety, please don't ever use email to send us your credit card information.

  • How much do you charge for shipping?

    Our flat-rate shipping prices are as follows: US Postal Service First Class Mail (insured): $5.00 (for orders of $75.00 or less), USPS Priority Mail - orders of less than $250.00 (insurable and track-able): $10.00 (for orders of $75.00 or less), USPS Priority Mail - orders of $250.00 or more (insurable and track-able): FREE, USPS First Class Mail International (not insured or track-able): $16.00, USPS Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box (not insured or track-able): $32.00, USPS Priority Mail Express International (insurable and track-able): $60.00. We offer free domestic U.S. shipping on orders of $75.00 or more. We also will send you a refund on shipping if we have charged you above our cost.

  • What do I do if I don't want my order shipped by any of the available methods?

    We ship for a flat rate domestically and internationally via the US Postal Service. We can arrange to ship your order via another method (UPS, FedEX or via USPS Priority Mail International). Please contact us via the Contact Us page or phone to arrange a separate shipping method.

  • How can I track the status of my order?

    Our shopping cart automatically generates a login ID/password for our customers. You may use this login to track your order on our site by clicking on the "My account" link on the bottom right of the screen. You may also use this login information on future orders during checkout so you don't have to re-enter your address information. We will send you notification of shipping status as soon as your order is processed and on its way. USPS also has excellent tracking on their website (

  • Why did I get a credit for an item that appeared available?

    In some cases, an item in the Rita Okrent Collection will have already been sold when it appears to be available at We apologize for this inconvenience - we are working to keep our inventory accurate. If we determine that an item you have ordered is unavailable, we will notify you immediately via email and will credit or refund your money for the unavailable item.

  • What will you send me if I get on your email mailing list?

    We will send you emails providing early notification of special discounts and of newly posted items from Rita’s collection.

  • Do you keep my email and address information private?

    The RitaOkrent Collection is committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your information. We will never sell, loan, rent, trade or give away your name, email or address to anyone without your written permission.

  • Is The Rita Okrent Collection on Facebook and Pinterest?

    You can find us on Facebook at Or do a search for "Beads for Collectors and Designers - Please become a fan to get regular updates on new listings to the site and special notification of discounts. The Rita Okrent Collection is also now on Pinterest.