References & Links

Reference books

Here are several of the very useful reference books we have on our bookshelves for identifying beads and ethnic jewelry:

Collectible Beads​, Robert K. Liu
Magical Ancient Beads, Jamey Allen
Africa Adorned, Angela Fisher
The Splendor of Ethnic Jewelry, France Borel
Desert Silver, Sigrid van Roode
Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba, Marjorie Ransom
Enchanted Jewelry of Egypt, Azza Fahmy
The History of Beads, Lois Sherr Dubin
Beads of the World, Peter Francis
African Beads, Evelyn Simak
Bedouin Jewelry in Saudi Arabia, Heather Colyer Ross
Les Perles de Mauritanie, Marie-Francoise Delaroziere
Middle Eastern and Venetian Glass Beads, Augusto Panini
Egypt's Wearable Heritage, Jolanda Bos

Bead-related reference links

Ornament Magazine
The Art and Craft of Personal Adornment
An active discussion forum on the internet for collectible beads
  • Bedouin Silver
  • Reference site for silver jewelry from the Middle East
    Ethnic Jewels (forum)
    An Appreciation of ethnic jewelry and adornment

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